This is a great time of year to be a knitter. Christmas knitting is on the needles (or at least on the brain), but it’s too early to panic, so it still seems like fun, and as the temperature drops, everyone around is reaching for their hats and scarves and mittens and their appreciation of your craft has just gone up again. We know this because everyday, knitters and crocheters come into the shop with an extra spring in their step, looking for yarn that will be perfect for their son or cousin or niece or, heck, for themselves. Like we said, it’s a great time of year to be a knitter.

All that good stuff aside, for many a knitter and crocheter, this is also the time of year when we’re reminded about a loved one who just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t get us. Doesn’t really know why we’d spend $30 and two weeks knitting fair isle mittens when we could buy a pair in five minutes for $12. These people, who are really lovely in all other ways, just don’t want hand knits. It’s frustrating, but there it is. This year, though, we have a suggestion: use the care and energy you’d put into their gift and make something for a stranger.

Here’s the plan: This Thursday night (and every Thursday in November) we’re going to turn our knit night into a knit-in. Every year, the Regent Park Community Health Centre puts together gift boxes for families living in the community housing they support, and they would like to include knitted hats in their boxes. Why are we telling you this? Well, we are going to try and supply them with as many hand-knit hats (both for children and adults) as we can. This is a big goal, and we would love it if you’d help us. Join us on Thursday nights this month (from 6-9 – normal knit night hours) and bring your hat-knitting arsenal. We’ll have some patterns available in the shop and yarn for you to use (although if you’d like to use this opportunity to do a little stash busting, that’s fine by us), and a generally super-supportive atmosphere.

(If you’d like to come to knit night but don’t feel like joining in, that’s fine too – every crazy endeavour needs a cheering section.)

The last thing we’d like to request is that you knit the kind of hat (or hats) that you would give to someone you love. We’re not saying you have to go all out with cables and colourwork, but everyone who receives one of these hats should feel that it’s a gift, that it was made with care and love, and that they can wear it with pride.

We’ll have some basic hat patterns available for you to work from in the shop, but if you have other favourites, please post them in the comments. Also, if you know of other charities that would benefit from our wooly support, please let us know!

Edited to add: If you’d like to take part but can’t come to Thursday knit nights, feel free to drop off a hat (or hats) in the shop anytime. Just let us know what they’re for and we will make sure they get to the right people for delivery!

Knitting back
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One thought on “Knitting back

  • March 1, 2016 at 4:11 am

    i was in the middle of comemnting here this morning, and well, you know.I was gonna say the skirt looks so perfectly swingy! I have several vintage knitting books etc etc, but have felt kinda lost when it comes to knitted boy things. and why is it that the goodwill has so many more girl clothes than boys? not fair. For all of the crafty-goodness to be made, I can’t help but hope for a girl next.


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