Students learning a new skill in one of our workshops.

Art in our community

We’re lucky enough to be members of an incredibly art-filled, inclusive, and diverse city. On any street corner in downtown Toronto, colourful and creative art welcomes you through murals, sculptures, and incredible street art. A creative pulse runs through this colourful city, and it would be impossible to imagine Toronto without the people and art that make it so vibrant.
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We believe public access to art is critical to the vibrancy, happiness, and health of a community. Whether it be street art by the talented artists of our community, public events such as Toronto’s annual Nuit Blanche, the efforts of the Koreatown BIA in beautifying the planters in front of our shop and of our community, and through affordable or free classes.


Classes at EweKnit

That’s why we run skill-building classes nearly every day of the week. They’re great for learning a new craft, honing your skills, and getting excited about making. And I’m sure we both know, it’s easy to get excited about new crafts.

Recently we’ve begun running free seminars in advancing your craft skills. Classes are currently running every Saturday morning, however space is limited so we encourage you to join our mailing list (scroll to the bottom) to be the first to know. So far we’ve taught students how to improve their quilting skills, and this weekend’s fully-booked class will teach students to crochet hexagons, a building block of many classic crochet designs. Additionally, we offer affordable, hands-on classes in knitting, crocheting, quilting, and weaving.

Building our community with craft

We also love when our local friends stop in the shop to show off their creations! Stop by and we may feature your project on our blog or Instagram. And coming soon we will have monthly show-and-tell nights where you can come in and share your creations with other members of the local craft community. These events will take place the last Thursday of every month after closing. It’s free to attend these nights, and we will be providing refreshments to guests. Watch our newsletter for updates.

And if we’re talking about craft’s impact in the community, we can’t forget yarn bombers, the makers who are dedicated to adding colour, craft, and happiness to their communities. This beautiful and non-destructive form of street art has the power to bring together communities in a unique way: through creation, collaboration, and the love of craft. It’s become a welcome way for makers to express themselves and enhance their communities, and the city of Toronto even offers suggestions for places to yarn bomb!

Keep making, and until next time,


Crafts and Their Role in Brightening Communities

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