Our latest shawl pattern is inspired by the Muskoka District of Ontario, one of the province’s largest concentrations of nature. Whether we’re faced by Winter winds, rain-soaked Springs or the mid-Summer humidity, we crave an escape to nature – even just for a weekend to fill our lungs with fresh, outdoor air. The daily stresses that are amplified by cramped desks and the glow of computer screens are erased by the crackling of campfires and the shelter of towering trees. Just as the Muskoka District offers the chance to reconnect with nature, knitting offers us the chance to reconnect with our hands and create something tangible in a world that is increasingly digital and intangible.

We designed the first colour palette of the Muskoka Shawl during the Winter. The dark pine green and deep cranberry coloured stripes set off the understated beige main colour that reminded us of the region’s landscape. The shawl encompasses Muskoka’s whimsical Winters, whether layered over a wool coat for an afternoon of snowshoeing, draped over your shoulders while skating through aisles of snow-covered trees at Arrowhead Park, or cozied up in the warmth of a lakeside cabin with the ones you love.

As the snow melted and the leaves began to bud on the trees, we were inspired to emulate Spring in Muskoka by combining light and medium neutral greys with varied hues of green. The newest version of the Muskoka Shawl is reminiscent of the diverse flora and rock formations that make up the landscape of the northern region. The shawl serves as the perfect cover-up for breezy afternoon walks spent taking in the smell of the Cherry Blossoms. Embrace the slow pace of Muskoka – stop for spontaneous picnics and for candid photographs of everything that inspires you along your path.

The escape that nature offers is remembered through a feeling that is created by the colours and scents that characterize each season. Of course, we also remember Muskoka by the relaxation and spontaneity that it invites, which can sometimes feel distant from the routines that make up our daily lives. Wrap yourself in the Muskoka Shawl as a knitted reminder not only of the region, but of the importance of pacing ourselves, spending time with our loved ones and absorbing the positivity of small, everyday things.

 You can purchase the Muskoka Shawl Kit in both colour combinations and sizes from our online shop.

A Shawl That Captures Muskoka Through the Seasons

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